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Topic: AI-generated misinformation

AI-generated misinformation, such as deepfakes, poses a growing threat to the integrity of elections and democratic institutions.

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The podcast episodes provided discuss the dangers and implications of AI-generated misinformation, particularly in the context of US presidential elections.

The episodes explore how AI-powered technologies, such as deepfakes, can be used to create false audio and video recordings that can be used to spread disinformation and undermine trust in democratic institutions. Episode 84627 delves into the challenges of combating AI-generated misinformation during the 2024 US presidential election campaign, while Episode 14419 and Episode 62437 focus on the legal and regulatory challenges in addressing this issue and the broader implications for democracy.

The episodes highlight the need for greater public awareness, robust safeguards, and effective policies to mitigate the risks of AI-generated misinformation and protect the integrity of elections.

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