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Topic: AI hype

AI hype refers to the excessive and unrealistic promotion of artificial intelligence technologies that often fails to match the actual capabilities and limitations of the products.

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The podcast episodes provided discuss the issue of AI hype, highlighting the disconnect between the grandiose claims made by tech companies about their AI products and the actual capabilities and limitations of the technology.

For example, the episode 'OpenAI's Video Generating AI Is Dead On Arrival' critically examines OpenAI's video generation AI Sora, arguing that its flaws and impracticality for filmmaking have been overhyped by the media.

Similarly, the episode 'The AI hype machine' discusses how recent AI-powered product unveilings by major tech companies have failed to live up to the hype and promised world-changing capabilities.

The episodes also feature AI experts like Gary Marcus, an AI skeptic, who challenge the hype surrounding generative AI models and call for a more nuanced approach, as seen in the episode 'Is AI just all hype? w/ Gary Marcus'.

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