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Topic: AI investing

AI investing is a rapidly evolving field, with venture capitalists grappling with the potential for both significant opportunities and risks in this space.

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The podcast episodes discuss the current state of AI investing, including the potential bubble in the market, the role of foundation models, and the challenges faced by AI companies.

For example, in episode 20VC: Foundation Models are the Fastest Depreciating Asset in History, Lina Kahn is a Threat to American Capitalism, PE is Not Coming to Save the M&A Market & How China Could Overtake the US in the AI Race with Michael Eisenberg, Michael Eisenberg provides candid insights and advice for founders and investors navigating the AI industry.

Similarly, in episode 20VC: The Three Types of Seed Round Today, Why Seed Has Never Been More Competitive, Why Pricing Has Never Been Higher, Why Boards at Pre-Seed Can Be Helpful & How Too Much Cash Too Soon Can Harm Companies with Ed Sim, Founder @ Boldstart, Ed Sim expresses skepticism about much of the speculative capital flowing into AI startup companies.

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