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Topic: AI-powered search

AI-powered search engines utilize advanced language models and artificial intelligence to provide dynamic, personalized search results that go beyond traditional keyword matching.

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The podcast episodes provided cover various aspects of AI-powered search, including the technical developments, business strategies, and societal implications of this emerging technology.

For example, the episode 'The GOP's Courtroom Convention' discusses the potential impact of AI-powered search on traditional online content and advertising, while 'Perplexity CTO Denis Yarats on AI-powered search' provides an in-depth look at the journey and challenges faced by the AI-powered search engine Perplexity.

The episode 'Debating GPT-4 Reduced Conspiracy Theories' explores the ability of generative AI models like GPT-4 to combat the spread of conspiracy theories, highlighting both the potential benefits and the need for responsible development and deployment of these technologies.

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