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Topic: AI search engines

AI search engines are a new paradigm in information retrieval, leveraging language models and other AI techniques to provide more advanced and personalized search capabilities beyond traditional keyword-based search.

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The podcast episodes discuss the latest developments in AI search engines, including the rise of AI-powered search tools like Perplexity,, and Google's Search Quality Evaluator (SGE) that are disrupting traditional search engine optimization (SEO) practices.

The episodes cover how these AI search engines are capable of generating summarized and personalized information, which is leading to a significant drop in website traffic for online publishers and raising legal issues around copyrighted content. The episodes also explore the implications of AI search on the future of web browsing and online publishing.

For example, episode EP 191: AI Search Takeover - The End of Traditional SEO + Web Browsing? discusses how the rise of AI search tools is making traditional SEO obsolete, while Amazing Answers: Richard Socher on how is Reimagining Search with AI focuses on the AI-powered search assistant developed by

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