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Topic: AI Training

AI Training involves the process of curating and balancing training data to develop robust and capable artificial intelligence models.

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The topic of AI Training is closely related to several of the podcast episodes provided, as it covers the fundamental process of developing and training AI models to achieve desired capabilities.

For example, episode "Why AI Should Be Taught to Know Its Limits" discusses the challenges associated with curating and balancing training data for large language models, and the importance of recognizing the limitations of current AI systems.

Similarly, episode "EP 197: 5 Simple Steps to Start Using GenAI at Your Business Today" highlights the need for investing heavily in education and training to enable effective implementation of generative AI within businesses.

The topic of AI Training also intersects with concerns around data privacy, as mentioned in episode "Is there a Market for Private Cloud AI?", where enterprises may leverage public cloud GPU resources for training while keeping their data on-premises.

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