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Topic: AI Value Alignment

AI Value Alignment is the challenge of ensuring advanced AI systems remain aligned with human values and intended goals as they become more capable.

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The AI value alignment problem is a central challenge in the development of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) systems. As AI capabilities continue to grow, it becomes increasingly important to ensure that these systems remain aligned with human values and intended objectives.

The podcast episodes "The exciting, perilous journey toward AGI | Ilya Sutskever" and "Dan Hendrycks on Catastrophic AI Risks" both explore various aspects of the AI value alignment problem. Sutskever discusses the importance of ensuring that advanced AI systems, such as artificial general intelligence (AGI), remain aligned with human values and motivations. Hendrycks delves deeper into the catastrophic risks that can arise from misaligned AI goals and objectives, and the need for a multi-faceted socio-technical approach to address these challenges.

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