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Topic: Air pollution

Air pollution is a pressing environmental issue with far-reaching impacts on public health, the climate, and ecosystems.

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The podcast episodes cover a wide range of topics related to air pollution, including its sources, health impacts, policy implications, and solutions.

Several episodes discuss the adverse effects of air pollution on human health, such as the link between air pollution and conditions like Alzheimer's disease The hunt for habitable exoplanets, and how a warming world could intensify urban air pollution, the disproportionate impact on marginalized communities Confronting Climate Change's Disproportionate Impacts On Black Communities (w/ Heather McTeer Toney), and the potential for air pollution to carry pathogens like COVID-19 Ep. 87: The Deadliest Intersection: COVID-19, Air Pollution, and Racism.

Other episodes focus on the policy and regulatory aspects of air pollution, such as the Supreme Court's decision to block the EPA's 'good neighbor rule' aimed at curbing interstate air pollution SCOTUS delivers another blow to Biden's EPA, and the potential economic and health benefits of decarbonization in reducing air pollution The Immediate Benefits of Decarbonization (w/ Dr. Drew Shindell).

Several episodes also discuss solutions to air pollution, including the use of air filtration systems HRT, Avoiding Heavy Metals, & Natural Ways to Induce Labor | Q&A, the transition to renewable energy 308 - The Case for 100% Wind Water Solar to Combat Climate Change (w/ Mark Z Jacobson), and the electrification of transportation Heavy-duty Trucks.

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