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Topic: Air Travel

Air travel encompasses the experiences, regulations, and industry surrounding commercial flights, from the golden age of luxury air travel to the modern-day challenges faced by passengers and airlines.

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The podcast episodes cover a wide range of topics related to air travel, including the impact of technology disruptions and software issues on air travel operations, the rise of turbulence and its connection to climate change, the passenger experience and etiquette, air travel safety and regulations, and the broader economic and environmental implications of the aviation industry.

For example, episodes 12 PM ET: Tech disruptions latest, Is increasing turbulence making flying more dangerous?, and Stupidity on Parade all discuss various aspects of air travel in depth.

The episodes also touch on related topics such as the 2024 US presidential election, the Israeli-Hamas conflict, the economic crisis in Colombia, and the sustainability efforts around major sporting events like the Euro 2024 football championship.

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