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Topic: Airdrops

Airdrops are the free distribution of cryptocurrency tokens to users, often as a way to incentivize participation in a blockchain ecosystem.

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The podcast episodes extensively cover the topic of airdrops, analyzing the current landscape, challenges, and potential alternatives.

In episodes such as Is USDCe Crypto's Next Bank Run or a Tokenized Hedge Fund?, Are Farcaster and Airdrops Worth the Hype?, and Why This Cycle is Cooked | DH + RSA, the hosts discuss the efficiency and costs of current airdrop models, the percentage of token supply allocated to communities, and explore more gamified approaches.

Other episodes like Eigen's Dual Staking Dilemma: Eth vs Eigen Security | Roundup and Tensor - Solana's NFT Marketplace | Ilja & Richard Wu highlight the impact of specific airdrops, such as the $JITO airdrop on the Solana ecosystem, and how they can drive adoption and activity.

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