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Topic: Al Capone

Al Capone was a notorious American mobster who rose to power during the Prohibition era, leading the Chicago Outfit and becoming one of the most successful and infamous criminals in American history.

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The podcast episodes provided focus on various aspects of Al Capone's life and the historical context surrounding his criminal activities. Episode 160: Al Capone & the End of Prohibition chronicles Capone's rise and fall, including details of his ruthless bootlegging operations and the efforts to prosecute him.

Episode: Short Stuff: Milk Wars references Capone's connections to the Chicago mob and their involvement in the milk industry during the 1930s, known as the Chicago Milk Wars. While Capone was not directly involved, this episode highlights the broader reach of his criminal network.

Episode: The Most Successful American Mobster EVER: Tony Accardo discusses Capone's relationship with Tony Accardo, a powerful figure in the Chicago Outfit, showcasing the legacy and succession within organized crime in the region.

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