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Topic: Alaska

Alaska, a land of vast wilderness, extreme weather, and intriguing mysteries that have captivated the imaginations of explorers, adventurers, and investigators alike.

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The podcast episodes provided cover a wide range of topics related to Alaska, from true crime investigations and unsolved disappearances to encounters with the supernatural and extreme survival stories in the state's remote wilderness.

Several episodes, such as Up and Vanished officially returns on August 8th, EP: 241 The Ice Dome *members only trailer, and S4. Case 4: The Hairy Man, delve into the mysterious and often unexplained phenomena that occur in Alaska, making it a focal point for investigations and stories of the strange and unexplained.

Other episodes, like Alaska Adventure: Cut off in a Frozen Wilderness and [Episode #61] - Climate Science Part 8 - Melting Glaciers and Sea Level Rise, highlight the state's extreme climate, rugged terrain, and the challenges faced by those who venture into its remote corners, whether for adventure, research, or survival.

Overall, the podcast episodes showcase the multifaceted nature of Alaska, from its captivating mysteries and unsolved cases to its breathtaking natural landscapes and the resilience of those who call it home.

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