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Topic: Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was a revolutionary physicist whose groundbreaking work on relativity and quantum mechanics forever changed our understanding of the universe.

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The podcast episodes provided focus on various aspects of Albert Einstein's life and legacy, including the intriguing story of how his brain was stolen after his death and the ongoing efforts to understand the biological basis of his genius.

The first episode, Radiolab's "G: Relative Genius", delves into the controversial tale of Einstein's brain and the quest to uncover the secrets behind his remarkable intelligence. The second episode, Lex Fridman's "#359 - Andrew Strominger: Black Holes, Quantum Gravity, and Theoretical Physics", explores Einstein's groundbreaking work on general relativity and its implications for our understanding of the universe, including topics like black holes and the search for a unified theory of physics.

These episodes provide a comprehensive overview of Einstein's contributions to science and the ongoing efforts to unravel the mysteries behind his genius.

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