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Topic: Alcoholic beverages

Alcoholic beverages, such as beer, gin, and tequila, have played a significant role in shaping cultural history, societal dynamics, and individual experiences.

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The podcast episodes provided cover the topic of alcoholic beverages from various angles, including the history and societal impact of different alcoholic drinks, personal experiences and perspectives on alcohol consumption, and the intersection of alcoholic beverages with other industries and aspects of life.

For example, episode Episode 8 - Beer vs. Gin: The Battle of Great Britain's Favorite Beverages delves into the 18th century 'Gin Craze' in Britain and the class tensions surrounding the consumption of beer versus gin. Another episode, Advice Line with Brett Schulman of CAVA, features a discussion about a spiked root beer brand, highlighting how alcoholic beverages can intersect with the entrepreneurial world.

The podcast episodes explore alcoholic beverages from historical, cultural, personal, and even comedic angles, providing a multifaceted view of this ubiquitous topic.

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