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Topic: Alexei Navalny

Alexei Navalny was a prominent Russian opposition leader and anti-corruption activist who was imprisoned and died in custody, sparking widespread condemnation and protests against Vladimir Putin's authoritarian regime.

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Alexei Navalny is a Russian politician and anti-corruption activist who has been a leading critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin and his government. Navalny rose to prominence through his investigations into government corruption and his organization of large-scale protests against Putin's rule.

The podcast episodes cover various aspects of Navalny's life, activism, and impact, from his poisoning and imprisonment to the ongoing resistance movement inspired by his legacy. Several episodes, such as The Weekend Intelligence: One day in the life of Alexei Navalny and The Weekend Intelligence: One day in the life of Alexei Navalny, focus specifically on chronicling Navalny's story and his influence on the Russian opposition. Other episodes, like Next Year in Moscow 9: Life and fate and Next Year in Moscow: Update, explore how Navalny's death has impacted the resistance against Putin's authoritarian rule.

Navalny's case has become a symbol of the ongoing struggle for democracy and human rights in Russia, and these podcast episodes provide valuable insights into his legacy and the challenges faced by those opposing the Russian government.

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