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Topic: Algal blooms

Algal blooms are the rapid growth of algae in water bodies, often caused by excessive nutrient pollution and leading to environmental and health concerns.

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The podcast episodes discuss the problem of nitrogen pollution from septic systems on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, which is leading to the formation of toxic algal blooms.

These algal blooms, particularly cyanobacteria blooms, are a significant consequence of the nitrogen pollution discussed in the episodes. Troubled Waters on Cape Cod: Loved to Death (Part 1) and Troubled Waters on Cape Cod: Sticker Shock (Part 2) both highlight the adverse impacts of these algal blooms on the local ecosystem and the costly efforts required to address the issue.

The episodes explore the scientific evidence linking septic systems to the nitrogen pollution, as well as the high costs and challenges associated with proposed solutions like new septic systems or sewer expansions.

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