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Topic: Algorithm Manipulation

Algorithm manipulation refers to the potential for a platform's content curation algorithms to be manipulated to influence user experience and content delivery.

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The podcast episodes discuss the concern that TikTok's algorithm could be manipulated by its Chinese parent company, ByteDance, and the Chinese government, which could impact the content delivered to users and their experience on the platform.

This issue is explored in greater detail in the episode (Preview) Congress and TikTok, Listening to China to Understand the TikTok Concerns, Empty First Amendment Arguments, where the host explains that the primary concern is not data privacy, but rather the lack of transparency around TikTok's content moderation practices and the potential for the algorithm to be used as a strategic asset by China.

The episode Much Ado About TikTok also delves into this topic, with the panelists discussing the implications of algorithm manipulation and the need for comprehensive data privacy regulations to address these concerns.

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