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Topic: Algorithmic trading

Algorithmic trading is the use of automated computer programs to execute trading strategies based on predefined rules and algorithms.

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The podcast episodes discuss algorithmic trading extensively, highlighting the host's reliance on trading algorithms and technical analysis tools like TrendSpider for generating buy and sell signals, optimizing entries and exits, and managing risk.

The host frequently emphasizes the importance of using algorithms, backtesting, and charting tools to guide trading decisions, as exemplified in episodes such as "My best podcast yet - LISTEN TO THIS ONE - 6-6-24 Market update", "$MSFT $DELL $GOOG $AMZN $META - all buys - 5-21-24 Market Update", and "$XLC and $XLU - how to play these buys in the algorithm - 6-25-24 Market Update".

The host also discusses the performance of his algorithmic trading strategy, demonstrating how it has outperformed the broader market, as seen in the episode "The Core Portfolio DOUBLED the S&P - a complete Core Portfolio YTD review - Plus a HUGE Trendspider Sale".

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