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Topic: Alienation

Alienation refers to the state of feeling disconnected, isolated, or estranged from one's social environment, self, or the world around them.

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The podcast episodes explore the concept of alienation from multiple angles, including its Marxist and post-structuralist interpretations, as well as its manifestations in modern life, such as the alienation felt by workers in the gig economy, indigenous communities experiencing cultural erasure, and individuals struggling with a sense of disconnection from nature, spirituality, and community.

Several episodes, such as [BEST OF] Estranged Labor: Karl Marx on Alienation, Christopher Lasch's Critique of Progress (w/ Chris Lehmann), and 363) Annie McClanahan: The possibility of a world disentangled from wages, delve deeply into the Marxist theory of alienation and its continued relevance in understanding the social, economic, and psychological impacts of capitalism.

Other episodes, like On Clouds and Cosmic Law and #1546 Exist, Resist, Indigenize, Decolonize: A story of colonialism, cultural renaissance and modernity, explore how the loss of connection to nature, indigenous practices, and community can lead to a profound sense of alienation and disconnection.

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