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Topic: Allegations of Abuse

Allegations of abuse involve claims of physical, emotional, or sexual mistreatment, often in domestic or institutional settings.

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The podcast episodes cover two distinct cases involving allegations of abuse - one between divorced parents engaged in an online feud, and the other involving claims made by Elizabeth Holmes during her fraud trial.

In the first case, the ex-husband accuses his ex-wife of criminal activities like fraud and faking cancer, while she claims he is an abusive Scientologist intent on ruining her life online. This toxic feud and the conflicting claims make it difficult to discern the truth. Episode 146 - How the Internet FAILED This TikToker examines this complex case.

In the second case, Elizabeth Holmes makes shocking claims of sexual assault and abuse by her former boyfriend and Theranos COO, Sunny Balwani, during her fraud trial. The prosecution, however, counters with evidence suggesting her direct involvement in the alleged fraudulent activities at the company. Episode Accusations and Evasions covers this case in detail.

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