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Topic: Alternate Reality Games (ARGs)

Alternate Reality Games (ARGs) are interactive narrative experiences that blend the real world with fictional elements, often incorporating puzzles and clues that players must solve collaboratively.

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The podcast episodes provided discuss Alternate Reality Games (ARGs) as a unique and immersive genre of interactive entertainment.

In episode 27: Cicada 3301 | Red Thread, the podcast explores the Cicada 3301 phenomenon, which was a multi-year online puzzle game that challenged highly intelligent individuals with cryptographic and steganographic challenges, blending fact and fiction.

Similarly, in episode REPOD S7E7 - Game Design is Magic: Michael Borys of The 49 Boxes, the podcast features an interview with game designer Michael Boris, who has worked on groundbreaking ARGs like 'Why So Serious?' for The Dark Knight.

Other episodes, such as S4E1 - Reconnecting with RECON and S1E1: Trailblazing Game Designer Elan Lee (Exploding Kittens), also touch on the creative design and community aspects of ARGs.

Overall, the podcast episodes provide a diverse perspective on the origins, design challenges, and impact of Alternate Reality Games as an emerging form of interactive storytelling and gaming.

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