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Topic: Alternative economic models

Alternative economic models offer potential solutions to the extractive and unsustainable nature of modern capitalism.

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The podcast episodes examine various alternative economic models and approaches that have been proposed as potential solutions to the shortcomings of the current capitalist system.

These include a focus on well-being and sustainability over GDP growth, as seen in the discussion of Malta's economic struggles "What Malta's Economic Struggles Reveal About Europe's Financial Blueprint".

Other alternatives explored include a service-based economy "Mark Stoll, 'Profit: An Environmental History' (Polity Press, 2022)", worker-owned cooperatives, community wealth building, and public ownership of resources "Ending Wealth Supremacy (w/ Marjorie Kelly)".

The episodes also highlight the potential for circular economy models and other collaborative approaches to foster societal change and environmental sustainability, as discussed in "Circular Conversations and a New Economy with Emanuele Di Francesco".

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