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Topic: Alternative Financing

Alternative financing refers to various funding options beyond traditional bank loans and venture capital, such as crowdfunding, revenue-based financing, and venture debt, which can provide flexible and tailored solutions for businesses.

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The podcast episodes provide insights into different forms of alternative financing, such as peer-to-peer lending, private credit funds, and alternative financing options for startups.

For example, episode Peer-to-Peer Lending: How You Can Become the Bank discusses how peer-to-peer lending works and the potential advantages for both lenders and borrowers. Episode Private Credit Today with Matt Wolf covers the recent surge in private credit funds and how they are adapting to market conditions. And episode How to split equity between startup founders? with Peter Walker of Carta explores alternative financing options for startups, including venture debt, crowdfunding, and revenue-based financing.

These episodes provide a comprehensive overview of the alternative financing landscape and the various approaches businesses and individuals can take to access capital outside of traditional banking.

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