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Topic: Alternative fuels

Alternative fuels are emerging as a way to reduce carbon emissions and decarbonize sectors like maritime shipping.

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The podcast episodes explore the potential of alternative fuels, such as ammonia, methanol, hydrogen, and wind-assisted propulsion, as pathways to decarbonize the shipping industry.

In episode "Are Sailboats the Future of Shipping? The New, Old Tech Making Waves.", the episode examines the design and economics of retrofitting existing cargo ships with automated 'wind wings' to leverage wind power and reduce fuel consumption.

The "Why Climate Justice is on the Agenda at COP27" episode discusses the implications of alternative fuels for businesses and investments, as well as the challenges of securing climate finance and navigating energy priorities in the shipping industry's transition.

The "Reflections" episode from the "Climate Changers" podcast also touched on the infrastructure and challenges surrounding alternative fuels for transportation, making it a key topic for the podcast series.

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