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Topic: Alternative medicine

Alternative medicine refers to a diverse range of healthcare practices and products that are not part of conventional, evidence-based medicine.

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The podcast episodes cover a diverse range of topics related to alternative medicine, including holistic and integrative approaches to health, critiques of conventional medical practices, and personal experiences with alternative treatments.

For example, episodes 77. Dr. Steven Gundry: Everything You Know About Healthy Eating is a Lie!, 71. Dr. Josh Axe Reveals How to Boost Testosterone & Heal Nutrient Deficiencies Naturally, and Guide to Alternative Medicines with Helene Langevin discuss alternative dietary approaches, the role of the gut microbiome, and the science behind complementary and integrative health approaches.

Other episodes, such as Why broken hearts hurt - and what heals them | Yoram Yovell and What to know about ketamine after Matthew Perry's death, explore alternative treatments for physical and mental health issues, including the use of non-opioid drugs and psychedelics.

The podcast also covers cautionary tales about alternative medicine, like the Social Media "Health" Guru Fakes Cancer for Profit: The Belle Gibson Story, highlighting the potential dangers of unproven and fraudulent health claims.

Overall, the episodes provide a nuanced look at the complex and evolving landscape of alternative medicine, its potential benefits and risks, and the ongoing debates surrounding its integration with conventional healthcare.

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