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Topic: Alternative treatments

Alternative treatments refer to medical or health-related practices that are not part of the traditional Western medical approach, often seeking to address underlying causes rather than just symptoms.

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The podcast episodes discuss a range of alternative treatments, including those related to sexual health, mental health, and trauma/PTSD.

For example, the episode Unveiling the Truth | Exploring Sexual Health and Testosterone with Dr. Mo Khera delves into alternative treatments for sexual dysfunction, such as shockwave therapy and medications like Addyi and Vyleesi.

The episode You Can Conquer Trauma and PTSD | Chris Frueh PhD explores alternative treatments for PTSD, including stellate ganglion blocks, ketamine therapy, and transcranial magnetic stimulation.

Additionally, the episode Best Of: Love, Lust & Lexapro discusses alternative treatments and lifestyle changes to address the side effects of antidepressants on sexual desire.

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