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Topic: Amateur investigation

Amateur investigation involves everyday people pursuing clues and theories to solve mysteries and criminal cases, often using unconventional methods.

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The podcast episodes provided showcase various examples of amateur investigation, where individuals or groups take on the role of investigators to research and analyze unsolved cases.

In the episode 'Women Talkin' 'Bout Murder - 7. Donna Tells The Story', the co-host Donna attempts to research and present a murder case, but her haphazard efforts and reliance on dubious psychic abilities satirize the challenges and limitations of amateur investigation.

The 'Cabins by the Lake /// Part 1 /// 765' episode from True Crime Garage is an investigative podcast where the hosts essentially conduct their own amateur investigation and analysis of the unsolved 1974 disappearance of Belinda VanLith.

The 'Solved: The Somerton Man Mystery' episode from Conspiracy Theories highlights the role of amateur researchers, like Derek Abbott, in pursuing and potentially solving the decades-long mystery surrounding the identity of the 'Somerton Man' through unconventional methods and persistence.

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