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Topic: Amateur science

Amateur science is the pursuit of scientific exploration and discovery by individuals outside of formal academic or institutional settings.

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The podcast episodes highlight various examples of amateur science, where individuals with a passion for science engage in self-directed projects and experiments, often without professional oversight or resources.

In the first episode, the story of David Hahn, a teenage 'Nuclear Boy Scout' who built a rudimentary nuclear reactor in his mother's shed, is a prime example of amateur science taken to an extreme and potentially dangerous level. This episode showcases the risks and challenges of unsupervised scientific pursuits by non-professionals.The Story of the Nuclear Boy Scout

The second episode discusses the recent excitement around the potential discovery of a room-temperature superconductor called LK99, and the efforts of amateur scientists to replicate this breakthrough, including livestreaming their attempts on Twitch. This illustrates the growing trend of citizen scientists collaborating and sharing their work online.Pondering the Worldcoin Orb + the Gang Who Cracked Outlook + Hacking Together Superconductors for Fun and Profit

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