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Topic: Amateur sleuthing

Amateur sleuthing involves ordinary people taking on investigative roles to solve unsolved mysteries and uncover hidden truths.

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The podcast episodes provided demonstrate the concept of amateur sleuthing, where regular individuals, often driven by personal connections or interests, take on the role of investigators to solve complex, unresolved cases.

In the first episode, host Jo Beth Henderson improvises various eccentric theories and interviews suspects in an attempt to find her missing co-host Donna Montgomery, showcasing the unpredictable and humorous nature of amateur investigations. Women Talkin' 'Bout Murder - 9. Donna Is Missing

The second episode explores the 1988 murders of teenagers Shane Stewart and Sally McNelly in Texas, where the victims' family and journalists took an amateur approach to the decades-long investigation, potentially uncovering police corruption and other criminal activities. Shane and Sally | Trailer

The third episode dramatizes the 1905 poisoning death of Jane Stanford, the founder of Stanford University, and the efforts of professor Robert Cutler, an amateur investigator, to uncover the truth behind the unsolved murder long after the fact through meticulous research. Jane Stanford Pt. 2

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