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Topic: Amateurism in College Sports

The traditional notion of amateurism in college sports has been effectively ended through legal battles and settlements, leading to a new era of increased player compensation and the growing influence of donors and collectives in college football.

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The topic of 'Amateurism in College Sports' is a central focus in the podcast episodes provided, as they examine the legal and economic challenges that have eroded the traditional notion of amateurism in college athletics.

The episodes explore how the rise of collectives, secretive groups of donors paying college athletes through tax-exempt charities, has upended the traditional model of college sports. While benefiting players financially, this system lacks transparency and equity, prompting the NCAA to propose allowing schools to directly pay athletes, which could create a divide between wealthy and underfunded programs.

The episodes also discuss how the problems in sports mirror broader societal challenges, making sports a microcosm through which to examine systemic issues such as the influence of capitalism and gambling on sports journalism, the exploitation of taxpayer-funded stadiums by billionaire team owners, and the exploitation of student-athletes.

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