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Topic: American Foreign Policy

American foreign policy encompasses the country's diplomatic, military, and economic strategies on the global stage, often balancing complex geopolitical interests and shifting alliances.

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The podcast episodes provided cover a wide range of topics related to American foreign policy, including the country's involvement in conflicts and alliances, the evolution of its global leadership role, and the competing visions for its strategic priorities.

For example, episode S04 - Ep. 8: Two Ledgers explores the criticism of American foreign policy, particularly regarding the conflicts in the Middle East and the Palestinian issue, as a motivation for a former al-Qaeda member's involvement. Episode How Israel Became a Rogue Ally analyzes Israel's efforts to gain independence from American influence and the shifting priorities of different U.S. administrations towards the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Other episodes, such as Ep 210 | Tucker Carlson Takes On Critics of His Interview with Putin and The new(ish) world order, delve into the tensions between more conventional and 'Trumpian' approaches to American foreign policy, including issues like NATO expansion, aid to Ukraine, and the evolving U.S. relationship with Russia and China.

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