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Topic: American Institutions

American institutions, including the media, education, law, religion, and family, are under attack from a Marxist agenda seeking to undermine the country's core values and foundations.

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The podcast episodes discuss how major American institutions like the media, education, law, religion, and family are being targeted by Marxist or ideological forces seeking to destabilize society and impose a radical agenda.

The episodes provide examples and analysis of these efforts, with hosts like Glenn Beck, Liz Wheeler, Tim Pool, and Mark Levin warning about the dangers of this institutional undermining and the importance of upholding founding Judeo-Christian principles to counter it.

One episode highlights how the DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) takeover of Boeing is theorized to be part of a larger effort to weaken American companies vital to the country's strength. Another explores concerns about Microsoft's new feature that takes screenshots of users' computers, hinting at broader privacy and institutional overreach issues.

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