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Topic: American Medical Association (AMA)

The American Medical Association (AMA) is a powerful professional organization that has been accused of suppressing medical innovations and maintaining close ties with the pharmaceutical industry.

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The podcast episodes provided explore various perspectives on the role and practices of the American Medical Association (AMA), particularly its ties to the pharmaceutical industry and alleged suppression of medical innovations.

In episode 553: Killer Patents & Secret Science Vol. 2 | Forbidden Medical Cures, the AMA's history, practices, and connections to the pharmaceutical industry are examined as a potential perpetrator of suppressing medical breakthroughs, such as Royal Raymond Rife's frequency treatment for cancer.

In contrast, episode EP 199: Maximizing The Effectiveness of AI in Health Care features an interview with Dr. Jesse Ehrenfeld, the president of the AMA, who discusses the organization's principles and guidelines for the responsible use of AI in healthcare, highlighting its efforts to harness technology to augment healthcare professionals' capabilities and address concerns like workforce shortages and burnout.

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