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Topic: American political polarization

American political polarization refers to the growing divide and lack of consensus between the left and right wings of the political spectrum in the United States.

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The podcast episodes provided explore how the pivotal events of 1968, including disillusionment over the Vietnam War, political assassinations, and the rise of radical movements, initiated an era of intense and lasting political polarization in America.

As the baby boomer generation that experienced these events in their formative years rose to power, the fragmentation of the centrist post-war political consensus opened the door to increased partisanship and ideological divides, which continue to shape US politics today as seen in the 1968 - Born to be wild and Ep. 1915 - THE DIRTY SECRET: Trump Is The 2024 Moderate episodes.

The growing left-right divide and rhetoric around political extremism highlighted in these episodes have significant implications for the future direction of American politics.

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