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Topic: American South

The American South has a unique history, culture, and economy that has shaped its relationships with unions, labor, and politics.

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The podcast episodes provided cover a range of topics related to the American South, including its history of racism, religious intolerance, and injustice Episode 578: Clementine Barnabet & The Church of the Sacrifice & The Louisiana Axe Murders, the pioneering spirit and individualism of the region Past Gas #244: Junior Johnson: The Whiskey Smuggler Who Revolutionized Racing, the ongoing climate crisis and civil rights movements Grief, Racism, and the Climate Crisis (w/ Mary Annaïse Heglar), as well as the region's history of hostility towards unions and recent shifts Boiling over: an attempt on the Slovakian PM's life and How Unions Won The South.

Additionally, the episodes explore the criminal underworld in the American South, such as the notorious 'Dixie Mafia' Presenting Gone South Season 2: The Dixie Mafia, and the implications of restricting abortion access in the region Florida Becomes a Battleground for Reproductive Rights.

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