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Topic: Ancient Egyptian Culture

Ancient Egyptian culture was a rich and diverse civilization that flourished along the Nile River for over 3,000 years, leaving a lasting impact on the world through its remarkable achievements in art, architecture, religion, and technology.

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The podcast episodes delve into various aspects of ancient Egyptian culture, providing a glimpse into the lives of ordinary citizens and the cultural beliefs and traditions that shaped their world.

From the exploration of ancient Egyptian artifacts made from meteoric iron Meteoric Metal and Alien Iron, Part 2 to the retelling of the myth of the struggle between the gods Horus and Set for the throne of Egypt S6E4 - Living in D'Nile: The Revenge of Isis and Horus, these episodes showcase the diverse and fascinating elements of this ancient civilization.

The podcast also covers the connections between ancient Egyptian culture and modern scientific endeavors, such as the NASA OSIRIS-REx asteroid sample return mission and the Osiris genus of kleptoparasitic bees In the Name of Osiris.

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