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Topic: Ancient Greek comedy

Ancient Greek comedy was a genre of comedic plays that used satire, parody, and absurdist elements to critique and comment on Greek society and culture.

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The podcast episodes provided showcase the diverse ways in which ancient Greek comedy was used to comment on and subvert the status quo through creative, absurdist premises.

For example, the re-aired episode of 'Let's Talk About Myths, Baby!' discusses the ancient Greek poem 'The Battle of the Frogs and Mice,' which humorously parodies the epic style of works like the Iliad and Odyssey The Battle of the Frogs and Mice.

Similarly, the 'In Our Time' episode delves into Aristophanes' famous play 'Lysistrata,' which uses the comedic conceit of a sex strike to comment on the Peloponnesian War and Athenian democracy Lysistrata.

Even the discussion of the philosopher Pythagoras in the 'You're Dead to Me' podcast touches on the mythical and comedic stories that arose around him in the centuries after his death, highlighting the intersection of history and humor in ancient Greek culture Pythagoras.

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