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Topic: Ancient Greek tragedy

Ancient Greek tragedy is a dramatic genre that emerged in ancient Greece, featuring plays that often explored the human condition and the conflicts between individuals, society, and the gods.

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The podcast episodes provided illustrate how ancient Greek tragedy, particularly the works of the playwright Euripides, can be analyzed and discussed in modern contexts.

In the first episode, the host Beware the Blood of a Gorgon, Euripides' Ion (Part 1) examines the play 'Ion' by Euripides, focusing on its nuanced portrayal of a woman named Creiussa who was assaulted by the god Apollo and forced to abandon her child. The host appreciates Euripides' ability to give voice to women's trauma and oppression in a way that was rare for ancient writers.

The second episode Episode #190 ... Are emotions a waste of time? - Neo-Stoicism (Martha Nussbaum) uses the ancient Greek tragedy of Hecuba, written by Euripides, as a framing device and a central example to illustrate philosopher Martha Nussbaum's neo-stoic ideas about the vital role of emotions in moral reasoning and human flourishing.

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