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Topic: Angels

Angels are spiritual beings believed to inhabit the realm between the physical and divine, with the ability to interact with and influence the world.

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The podcast episodes provided explore various aspects of angelic beings and their interactions with humans, ranging from personal encounters to theological and mystical interpretations.

In Planes, Trains, and Ghostmobiles, the episode features a discussion of a potential angelic encounter, where a mysterious figure may have been an angel helping a woman in need. Similarly, The Pilgrim and the Angel tells a story of an angel, identified as the archangel Gabriel, who whisks a man away on a pilgrimage.

Other episodes delve deeper into the nature and abilities of angels, contrasting them with demons. E95 - Aaron Abke: The Forgotten Teachings Of Jesus, The Essenes & Dead Sea Scrolls discusses the Essenes' belief in communing with angels as a spiritual practice, while What Can Demons Do? | Fr. Gregory Pine, O.P. explores the influence of demons and the importance of relying on God's protection and the sacraments to combat demonic attacks.

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