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Topic: Animal activism

Animal activism is the act of advocating for the rights and welfare of animals through various means, including education, protest, and legal action.

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The podcast episodes provided discuss various aspects of animal activism, including individual journeys into animal advocacy, the challenges and successes of activism, and the philosophical and ethical debates surrounding the treatment of animals.

For example, the episode Plant-Based Bassist Tanya O'Callaghan On How Changing Your Plate Can Change The World explores the personal story of a musician who became involved in animal activism and how it has shaped her life and career. The episode #234 - NASA & Russian Top-Secret Government Animal Experiments | Ric O'Barry delves into the history of dolphin captivity and the efforts of activist Ric O'Barry to end the practice through legal battles and public education.

The episode Josh Milburn, "Food, Justice, and Animals: Feeding the World Respectfully" (Oxford UP, 2023) discusses a more nuanced approach to animal rights, challenging assumptions about veganism and exploring alternative ethical models for food production and consumption.

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