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Topic: Animal behavior and communication

Animal behavior and communication encompasses the diverse ways in which animals interact, express themselves, and convey information to their conspecifics and the environment.

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The topic of animal behavior and communication is explored in the podcast episodes, with a focus on the intelligent and symbolic behaviors observed in different species.

In the first episode from the 'Nature Podcast', the discussion touches on the use of wing gestures by the Japanese tit bird as a form of symbolic communication, providing an example of animal behavior beyond primates. Pregnancy's effect on 'biological' age, polite-birds, and the carbon cost of home-grown veg

The second episode from 'The Jane Goodall Hopecast' delves into the behavior and communication of octopuses and chimpanzees, and how studying these animals can offer insights into their intelligence and the power of storytelling to promote conservation. Craig Foster: Hope is All We Can Learn from Animal Teachers

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