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Topic: Anthropocentrism

Anthropocentrism is the belief that human beings are the central or most significant element of the universe, often leading to the exploitation and domination of non-human nature.

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The podcast episodes provided discuss the problematic nature of anthropocentrism and its negative impacts on the environment, ecosystems, and the recognition of non-human beings.

Several episodes, such as Ban Wang, "At Home in Nature: Technology, Labor, and Critical Ecology in Modern China" (Duke UP, 2022), Audra Mitchell: Rethinking conservation, biodiversity, and extinction, and Ailton Krenak, "Life Is Not Useful" (Polity Press, 2023), directly critique anthropocentrism and explore alternative perspectives that challenge human exceptionalism.

The episodes also showcase how anthropocentrism is rooted in various philosophical, political, and economic frameworks, including Marxism, the Frankfurt School, and Western conservation discourses, and how it can lead to the exploitation and commodification of nature and non-human entities.

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