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Topic: Anti-blackness

Anti-blackness is a systemic, pervasive, and often unconscious bias that devalues and oppresses Black individuals and communities.

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The podcast episodes provided discuss the concept of anti-blackness, which encompasses the historical and ongoing marginalization, exploitation, and dehumanization of Black people and Black cultures.

The episodes explore how anti-blackness manifests in various aspects of society, from the appropriation and commodification of Black cultural elements "16 | America Has A Problem | For Real, For Real" to the persistence of racist power structures that prevent Black economic ownership "16 | America Has A Problem | For Real, For Real".

The episodes also delve into the impact of anti-blackness on Black communities, such as the trauma and internalized biases experienced by Latinx individuals "Can therapy solve racism?", and the need for solidarity and collective liberation to dismantle these systems of oppression [BEST OF] Critical Race Theory and Black Liberation w/ Zoé Samudzi and BEST OF THE WILL TO CHANGE: Getting Free, Together: Desiree Adaway on Why Healing Anti-Blackness Heals Us All.

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