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Topic: Anti-Democratic Forces

Anti-Democratic Forces are groups and movements that seek to undermine democratic institutions and processes, often through the use of populist rhetoric, conspiracy theories, and authoritarian tactics.

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The podcast episodes examined discuss the growing influence of anti-democratic forces in the United States and their efforts to erode democratic processes and institutions.

Several episodes, such as Rachel Maddow on Trump, Biden's Dilemma & America's Fascist History and The Daily Blast: How Supreme Court Shocker Could Give Trump Truly Terrifying New Powers, highlight the authoritarian tendencies of former President Trump and the potential for future abuses of power if he were to regain the presidency.

Other episodes, such as NH Republican Primary Showdown; The State of Global Democracy in 2024 and How Are Progressives Transforming US Climate Policy? (w/ Ryan Grim), examine the broader global context of rising populism and anti-democratic forces, and the importance of progressive movements in countering these threats to democracy.

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