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Topic: Anti-LGBTQ policies

Anti-LGBTQ policies are legislative and regulatory actions that restrict the rights and access of LGBTQ individuals, particularly transgender people, to public spaces and medical care.

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The podcast episodes discuss the rise of anti-LGBTQ policies, particularly those targeting transgender individuals, and their potential impact on LGBTQ voter support. The episodes explore how these policies have become a key issue in the political landscape, with both the Biden campaign and Republicans attempting to appeal to LGBTQ voters.

For example, the episode "Will LGBTQ voters come out for Biden?" from the "Today, Explained" podcast discusses the Biden campaign's outreach efforts to solidify LGBTQ voter support, as well as Republican attempts to appeal to these voters while also pushing anti-LGBTQ policies. The episode "It Could Happen Here Weekly 130" from the "Behind the Bastards" podcast delves deeper into the rise of legislation restricting access to public space and medical care for trans people.

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