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Topic: Anti-mandate convoy

The anti-mandate convoy was a series of protests by truck drivers and their supporters against COVID-19 vaccine mandates and other public health measures in Canada.

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The podcast episodes from 'The Red Review' provide in-depth coverage and analysis of the anti-mandate convoy protests that took place in Vancouver and Toronto, Canada.

The first episode, The Red Review - Tales from Street-level: The Anti-Mandate Convoy Comes to Town, features firsthand accounts, audio recordings, and analysis of the movement's rhetoric, dynamics, and the response from authorities and counter-protesters. The hosts also examine the role of labor unions and the broader implications for the growth of far-right movements.

The second episode, The Red Review - Class Struggle or Just a "Con"voy?, critically examines the anti-mandate convoy, questioning whether it represents a working-class uprising or a reactionary movement led by the petit-bourgeoisie. It analyzes the factors that fueled the convoy, criticizes the lack of a meaningful response from labor unions and the political establishment, and advocates for a worker-led response that prioritizes community safety and public health.

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