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Topic: Anti-Racism and Racial Justice

Anti-Racism and Racial Justice: Examining the interconnected issues of systemic racism, social movements, and the role of science and institutions in dismantling racial inequities.

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The podcast episodes discuss the role of anti-racist movements, such as the 2020 protests for Black lives, in catalyzing broader solidarity and the need for organizations to actively work towards becoming anti-racist and using their influence to support racial justice.

For example, the episode 'Solidarity Forever - 311 UNLOCKED' explores the historical roots, theoretical underpinnings, and practical applications of solidarity in building effective social movements and transforming societies towards greater equity and interdependence.

The episode 'Ep. 86: Science Is Not Immune to Racism (and That Includes Us)' addresses the issue of systemic racism in science and society, condemns the racist actions of the Trump administration and violence against protesters, acknowledges their organization's shortcomings in addressing racism, and commits to using science and influence to support racial justice.

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