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Topic: Anti-white racism

Anti-white racism describes the systemic prejudice and discrimination faced by white individuals in the United States.

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The podcast episodes provided focus on the concept of 'anti-white racism', which is the central theme explored by author Jeremy Carl and discussed with various conservative commentators and hosts.

The episodes outline Carl's argument that there is widespread systemic racism and discrimination against white Americans, particularly white males, in areas such as education, employment, media, and even the church. The podcasters suggest that diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives and other policies are often used to unfairly target and marginalize white individuals.

The episodes feature links to Episode 169 LIVE: The Unprotected Class (feat. Jeremy Carl) - Firebrand with Matt Gaetz, Jeremy Carl Is Fighting Against Anti-White Racism, and Ep 1014 | Anti-White Racism in the Church, at Work & in Law | Guest: Jeremy Carl, among others, which provide in-depth discussions on this topic.

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