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Topic: Anticompetitive practices

Anticompetitive practices are actions taken by large companies to unfairly suppress competition, often through mergers, acquisitions, or exclusionary tactics, resulting in reduced consumer choice and higher prices.

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The podcast episodes explore various examples of alleged anticompetitive practices, such as Google favoring its own products in search results (Google Search Leaks), Microsoft bundling its Teams product with Windows (Mad Money w/ Jim Cramer 6/28/24), and the dominance of Live Nation and Ticketmaster in the music industry (Fee'd Up: A Musician's Take on Ticketmaster).

The episodes also cover the efforts by regulatory bodies like the FTC to address anticompetitive behavior by large tech companies and mega-corporations (#1628 New Era of Antitrust for a New Era of Capitalism, Mega-Corporations and Big Tech), as well as how such practices have contributed to the concentration of wealth among billionaires (202 - Billionaire Bon Voyage!).

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