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Topic: Antitrust Laws

Antitrust laws are a set of federal and state laws that regulate the conduct of businesses to promote fair competition and prevent monopolistic practices.

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The podcast episodes discuss a wide range of topics related to antitrust laws, including government enforcement actions against major companies, legal challenges to industry practices, and the broader implications of antitrust regulations on competition, consumer choice, and economic power.

The episodes cover high-profile antitrust cases involving tech giants like Google Google and Apple under DOJ microscope, Apple The United States vs. the iPhone, and Live Nation/Ticketmaster The Trustbuster Taking on Ticketmaster The DOJ's "Bad Blood" with Ticketmaster. They also explore antitrust issues in other industries, such as the real estate The real estate industry on trial and grocery Can an old law bring down grocery prices? sectors.

The episodes further delve into the role of antitrust enforcement agencies like the Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission, as well as the efforts of officials like Lina Khan to revamp antitrust approaches #1628 New Era of Antitrust for a New Era of Capitalism, Mega-Corporations and Big Tech Lina Khan Explains the Federal Trade Commission.

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